Top 3 Free Hosting Provider For Starting WordPress Blog for Beginneers

Free Hosting Provider For WordPress Blog

Do you want to start hosting a blog on the WordPress Platform, without buying a hosting?

free webhosting

If your answer is yes, then let’s know today that we have purchased Free Hosting from where to start our blog or understand WordPress.

Where to Buy Free Hosting?

This Hosting Provider is My Favorite. Because with its help, I had made a free blog. It provides a very good service. Features of this Hosting Provider are given below:

  • WordPress One-Click Installation
  • 200GB Monthly Transfer
  • Easy Control Pannel
  • 5500 MB Disk Space
  • 24 × 7 Support
  • No Ads


The features of this hosting provider are given below:

  • 20GB Disk Space
  • Free Emails
  • Free Domain (
  • Host Own Domain
  • No Ads


hosting provider

This is also a very good hosting provider. This allows you to create your WordPress Blog within 2 minutes. Its features are given below:

  • 1000 MB Web Space
  • 1 Free POP3 Email
  • FTP Access
  • Easy Control
  • Free domains (
  • No Ads
  • Instant Account Activation

Loss of Free Hosting:

Limited Space: Free Hosting gives you a limited space to create a blog. If your blog gets popular then you may have trouble.
Bad Customer Support: Customer Support is bad enough. If there is a problem in your blog then you are less hopeful of getting support from the Hosting Provider.
Risk of Getting Banned: Your Account at Free Hosting can be Suspend or Ban of Warning at any time.
Affect Blog’s SEO: If you host your blog from Free Hosting, then it has a bad effect on SEO. We can say that Free Hosting has a bad effect on SEO.
No Backup System: Free Users can not backup your blog. If something bad happens to your blog, then you can not restart your blog.

Sure Read:

From the author,

We will ask you to use free hosting only to learn WordPress and to learn or learn about Plugin, Themes, Customizing. If you want to take your blog to an upkeeper then buy Premium hosting from a good hosting provider. And secure blogging.

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