How To Build Backlinks From Comment To Increase Your Website Rank


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Do you comment on others’ site? Do you get the benefit of it when you go to another site and comment? Do you know that by getting backlinks just by commenting, can you rank your site?

Creating Backlink from Comment

Comment Backlink means creating a Backlink for your site by commenting on someone else’s site. If you do not know who the backlink says, then first read this article.

Comment backlinks are a part of SEO which comes in off-page SEO. If you have to increase the ranking of your blog then you have to focus on both of them.

On page SEO
Off page SEO
Most of all blogs have the option of commenting on the name, email id, website URL, and about commenting. When you fill it all out, your comment gets published and it goes into the under review.

If your comment is live, then you see a link to your blog with your name.

Can the backlink found in the comments get our site right?

And in answer to this, yes and no !! This is my answer.

It depends on what you are commenting on and above the quality of your competition, and on which site you are commenting.

You might have heard of event blogs.

If you have ever done an event blogging and you have done the site (which is on the blog ranking), you may have seen that the blog on the event blog contains “Link Backlink” which has some links that can be created from another place. There are 70% link comment links.

Not just event blogs, but also on the regular blog, which is why the keyword high and medium competition, you can also rank it through the comment backlink. You just have to do smart work.

How many types of backlinks are there?

There are many types of comment backlinks, and in today you are going to tell 3 best ways in which I follow myself and I get a very good result. One of them is: –

Simple Comment Backlink

Which is the most common !!

In this, your backlink is associated with your name, which inbuilds the maximum of all the websites.

There are some bloggers who use a plugin on their site whose name is “CommentLuv“. It attracts your readers so that your readers can comment. It is beneficial for both the blog owner and for the person who is commenting.

Whenever you comment and link to your blog, your link becomes anchor text which looks good too, and the visitor quickly clicks on it.

Anchor Text Comment Backlinks

This is a spammy way but if you do it right then you can get the benefit too !!

There are some sites which also have the option of using HTML tags for their readers in their comment box so that any blogger who can have their site link to anchor text can be placed on it.

So this is 3 three easy ways to make the backlink from the comment.

Note: There are several ways I can give a link to them, some links can be Dofollow and some Nofollow You can get nofollow on the maximum blogs; This means that you can get nofollow backlinks for your blog.

But there are some websites that provide dofollow link. But this does not mean that the nofollow link is bad, the Nofollow link is not bad at all, it can also provide you lots of traffic.

I go to a lot of websites and comment like ShoutMeLoud and ShoutMeHindi and on my site that traffic also comes from that link.

How to find sites to create backlinks?

This is a very good question: –

First way

If you want to link to your blog then you’ll find the easiest way to do it. First of all, do your keyword search on Google Like: “Seo Tips”.

Then open 10 sites from the site that came to Google’s first page and comment on their blog.

But comment like this will only get your comment approved.

Second way

The other way is the best and I also have the favourite, the name of which is “following”

You see your competitor what he is doing and where he is making the link. First of all, take your competitor’s site like or

After that you check that they said the link-made. There are many tools where you can go back and analyze your competitor’s backlink and you can also make a link by linking where they have been linked.

This tool will help you

  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush
  • OpenLinkProfiler (FREE)

If you have to ask questions related to comment backlinks then you can ask your question by going to the comment box below.

I hope these methods will be of great help to you and will help you to increase link increase + ranking on your site.

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