Follow these 9 On Page SEO Tips to increase your site’s ranking by 80%

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Today, I am going to share 9 Best On Page SEO Tips and Trick with which you will also find your blog’s traffic up to 80% higher.

As the off-page SEO is needed for our blog, many more on-the-go page SEO is important for our page, because only on page SEO we will be able to encroach traffic on our site.

If you are new to this field and you do not know what SEO is, then read this article very nicely.

9 On Page SEO Tips To Increase Site Traffic

So let us start reading All On page SEO strategy and convert it to a viral blog by following it. So our first step is to: –

#1: Use Super-Short URLs

Our first step in on page SEO tips is short URL, this means that as small as your site’s URL, the ranking of your site will be as quick as possible.

An SEO company analyzed nearly 1,000,000 websites from the Google search result and they found that the site’s URL is shortcode, the ranking of the site is much higher than the site with Long URLs, you can also create a short URL for your post.

Whenever you write a title, your url automatically becomes what is written in the title and becomes very long. So you can edit it and shorten it accordingly.

If you look at the same article, the url of that is a lot of shortcode, you can also make simple and short url for your site.

Good and Short URL:

# 2: Include Keyword in URL

The second method also resembles the previous one.

In this, you have to add your targeting keyword to your URLs.

As I wrote an article on “seo tutorial”, then whatever URL I have will be something like this.


This URL is my Targeting Keyword that came also and my URL is too short.

So you can also create a good short URL for your article in which your targeting keyword is also added.

# 3: Use LSI Keywords

The LSI keyword is the best and easiest way to bring your article to the first page in the easily google search result.

The LSI keyword is meant as a ‘Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)’ keyword.

In this, you have to add some word besides the Targeting keyword in your article which is related to your subject.

For example, on my topic “On page seo tips”, I will take my targeting keywords in my article as well as a few words that are similar to my targeting keywords.

For example: On page seo factors, On page optimization checklist and a few more keywords like this.

By putting an LSI keyword, Google understands your article better and shows it in search results according to its own.

There are so many tools to find LSI keywords, but the easiest way is to google search.

You search your keyword on Google, then in the last part of the page, Google will suggest some more keywords that you search on Google.

You can take those keywords into a sheet and then optimize those keywords well in your article.

on page seo

# 4: Publish Long Content did a survey, they put a keyword on Google and analyzed nearly 1 million websites and discovered that the content of which is long is their website at the top of Google search result and whose content is slightly lower than the first one The website is on 2nd and the same list continues.

So it clearly means that if you have to bring your article to the top, then you have to see how much of your competitor has written on the above page SEO tips, then you have to write a few more articles.

Why is the long content better than small content?

If you have written longer content and you have studied well about your subject, then you can add a lot of LSI keywords in your whole article and make it easier for you to understand your article.

Not only this, Google does not vote much longer content.

One thing you must notice is that Google shows the best results to its users, the bigger and the good your article will be, the better you rank your article as soon as you optimize the keywords in your article.

# 5: Optimize Title Tag for Good CTR

You may know that you have to add your targeting keyword to your title tag which comes in on page seo tips.

And you also know that your title tag is also very important for CTR – click through rate and you have to make your title tag so good that you get as much CTR as possible.


Because in today’s time CTR – Google ranking factor is very important.

The Google engineer himself has confirmed in a presentation that he sees the CTR through the ranking factor.

So as good as your title tag, the more you get clicks and the more clicks you get, your site will arrive at the first page as quickly as possible.

Now, let me tell you 2 best formula of increasing CTR, which will help you increase your site’s CTR.

Use the number in your title. Like: 1, 10, 101 etc.
Use Brackets in your title tag such as [SEO] or (SEO). analyzed 3 million headlines and after analyzing them heading, it came to know that the number of Brackets in headline had a CTR of 38% more.

So whenever you make a good title tag, make the above step in mind.

#6: External Links

External link is a best SEO practice to bring your site to the first page of search engine.

For example, you wrote an article on “Search engine optimization techniques tutorial” and on the other side you saw that also wrote a related article from your topic and that article contains all the information that a visitor needs.

So what do you do on that website from or any other website on which the website has a lot of information related to your subject, you can give it a link (trusted websites only).

Google thinks that you have linked an authority and trusted sites, so Google will also trust your site and Google will find that all information will be found on your site which a visitor should like.

How do you benefit from giving an external link?

Giving an external link will give you 2 benefits.

The popularity of your site will increase.
Linking to Relevant sites will result in your site’s relevancy incease.
I have also given 2 to 4 external links in this article. If you think this article is very useful for you, then you can also give me a link from from my site.

You can visit to get more information about external links.

# 7: Internal Links

Just as the external link is the best bet for your article, the same way the internal link is equal to your article as much as actuarial link.

What do you have to do in this matter, whenever you write an article, link your article from your own article to another article by which your site’s Bounce rate will also be reduced and page views will also be counted.

Internal linking has many more advantages such as: –

If you link your article to any other article, then Google indexes it and the ranking of that article is also accrued.

But this does not mean that you can link any article. You just link that article which is essential for your user.

# 8: Maximize Your Site Speed

Google himself has to confirm that the site speed helps you increase your site’s ranking of google ranking.

If your site has more loading time then no visitor will visit your site, because in today’s time nobody has enough time to wait for you.

So if your site takes more time to load, the visitor will end up at your site and go to another site.

You can use this three tool to check your website speed

So now the question is how to fast the speed of your website?

So let’s tell you 2 best ways to speed up the site speed.

The first way to fast site speed is to have your hosting.

The faster your hosting will be, the faster your site will be open, is using Hostgator hosting which is very good and their support is also the best.

If you do not want to go to Cloudways, you can also buy hosting from, this is also a best hosting provider company.

Another way to fasten your site is to CDN content delivery network. Apart from this, you can also install the catch plugin such as W3 Total Cache, or WP Super Cache.

#9: Using Multimedia

On Page SEO Tips Now this is our last step in which we will talk about multimedia.

Multimedia means images. You should use a lot of images in your article which readers prefer.

As you can see this article, I have uploaded 8 to 9 Multimedia in this article, which will make you even more readable.

Why do we use image in my site?

There are also quite a visitor who does not enjoy reading much and goes away from your site, which increases your site’s bounce rate and Google then downs your site.

If your site is more and more images, users will also enjoy reading your article and they will stay in your site for as long as possible.

I sincerely hope that by following all these page seo tips and techniques, you will be able to increase the traffic of your blog / website up to 80% and will bring your blog to a good momentum in Google’s search results.


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