Make Money From Freelancing: Try Truelancer

We are really in a globalized world when there is no need to get out of the house to reduce anyone with the people around the world. People can use their art to earn money sitting in the house.

Truelancer earn money

What is freelancing for?

In today’s era, freelancing is for everyone. The best thing about it is that it does not depend on our geolocation, age, education and any other factor.

Anyone can start with freelancing with any skills and over time you will become better.

There is a great way to start your life with the freelancing business. If you do not want to take any kind of risk, and still want to do something, then freelancing will be the best. Suppose that you are a designer and you want to be around the world as you designing, you can get such a chance by freelancing.

If you are a mobile developer and want to work on your project, but you need something to meet your needs, then freelancing can help pay your bills. If you have writing skills and you are free this weekend, you can go to such a platform immediately, about which to tell today, and do a great income and can also use your weekends better.

The truth of freelancing platforms about making money

I have noticed about platforms such as Truelancer, Upwork, and Freelancer that as soon as you join these platforms, the sooner you can get the positions of these platforms because the competition is less in them.

When competition is low then you can get good projects with zero ratings. But when you are in a highly competitive environment and you start with it, then moving ahead is very difficult, and only those people receive projects and win the trust of people whose ratings are excellent.

So if you were stopping yourself to start with freelancing yet, then today is the day when you can start your freelancing career. Today I’m about to tell you about Truelancer which is a popular Indian freelancing site and will also tell you how to start with it.

I will also share tips and strategies that will move forward in this and show you how Truelancer is different.

Some tips to become an outstanding freelancer on

Let’s start by creating your account on Follow this link and register yourself on Truelancer. I do not want to spend time on the signup process because this is all self-explanatory and very posture process. Yes, but I will go to the profile page and tell you how to make a profile great because this is a very important component for getting projects on the freelancing website.

Do a great picture post

We all have a lot of influence on Social Media. A great photo can boost your credibility.

Do not upload a random photo that does not have your face.

Do not post any of your low-quality picture post, like what you’ve taken from your webcam.

Make sure your picture is high quality.

Make sure you pay attention to the clothes. Why? Whether the platforms like Truelancers are casual, you will have to look great to impress the client and therefore you have to wear nice clothes too.

Now let’s look at different options that freelancers provide, which can help people earn money.


This is an important factor when you are setting up your profile. You have to promote as much as you can to yourself and you should not have such generic statements, such as “I am passionate and I love the code”. It does not matter Look at your self-intro section as a resume and imagine what you can put in it. Here are some things that you can consider for the Introduction section.

  • Please specify this thing clearly in which area you are capable and what kind of work you have done.
  • Note how many years or months you have experience, mention it.
  • Name the companies you have worked with and tell them how you helped them.
  • Write articles and publications that you have written for other blogs or websites.
  • If you have worked with a large brand, then mention this – “Worked with <XYZ> company is a multi-million dollar firm in India.”
  • If you are from famous cities such as Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi etc, also tell about the work you have done there.

Note: Whenever someone is searching for freelancers on this platform, they will be able to read only the first two lines of your bio. So make sure that your first two lines are most effective and enough to grab some attention.

If you are starting with scratch..

What to do if you do not have any credentials?

If you do not have any work experience or credentials, then you can start with the way of learning. Meaning, create a portfolio for your work, experiment with any work, or work with a friend etc. Write articles on topics of your interest and also publish them. Make sure that the work you are doing in the portfolio is spreading your boundaries and pulling people’s attention too.

Truelancer is a mix of many services. They also have traditional bidding systems made by individual projects, along with two other styles, which are the duplicate of other popular web services. Let’s cover them below.

Bidding on Projects:

It is common in all freelancing websites of the world. Where freelancers get to see the list of projects and they can bid for projects on their own field

One of these freelancing websites is to send proposals to the feature. When you want a project, you need to show expertise; You need to show commitment; You need to show that you are capable of handling the project, you have to show that you are professional.

Common mistakes are made by 95% freelancers when they bid for a project. When you learn from those mistakes, you will leave the other 95% freelancers behind.

Description Read the property well.

Many freelancers see the list of projects and bid directly. Many people have put the code in their descriptions to know who have read it so that they can easily filter out freelancers. If you do not understand the requirement of your client, will you be able to do justice with their project?

Customize every offer. Remember that this is a pitch!
Many freelancers do not customize their texts according to the project. And they use some generic lines such as “Hey, I’m perfect for the job, and I guarantee fast work”. For every project you are bidding on, please use 5-7 minutes to craft your answer according to the things described below.
  1. You have understood the project well.
  2. You have already worked on these types of projects.
  3. Why you are the right person for this job.
  4. What you can do for the client.

The best part in this side by Truelancer is that you can also attach relative files to the proposal, but this is optional. You can spend 10-15 minutes for each bid, so that customers come back with a value to your bid.

How to bid if you do not have any experience

When you start, you have to start doing some things immediately so that you can move forward in the long-term with this platform. Do not bid for the first things that are the best projects, because:

It will also be difficult to notice the front of your other experienced and successful freelancers in front of the client.
Any no-rating, no-review profile will give you no notice.
Choose small projects to deal with this thing, which will not bounce large freelancers and where competition will be less. Take some projects first and get great ratings. Do not bid too much because it does not leave your quality high.

Buying services

Buy Services is basically a feature of Truelancer similar to Fiverr, where people offer services starting from $ 5. This is a great gateway price, which many people will not even think about paying twice. Truelancer offers the same service, which offers different dimensions to both freelancers and customers.

In your profile section you can add those services that you provide. This is a great form for freelancers because those ratings are low, (in the bidding section), they get their sections there where they control their imagery, control their copy and services. I think this is the thing that separates Truelancer from other websites, where people will leave and they will not get any projects.


This is something that makes Truelancer a truly talented place in the real world. Contents are similar to 99Designs where a customer posts their project and creates a lot of freelancers designs from all over the world and the client chooses the one that he likes. This is a great way.

This is for those who trust in themselves and can back up their work with great designs. The best thing about these contests is that you do not need any credentials. One more positive thing about this is that you can compare yourself with others and see what is lacking and how you should improve. Even if you do not win the contest, even if it addresses you will add to your profile that you had participated in it, which is a great thing.

Truelancer also has an Android app that you can download from here, which will give you the freedom to work freelancing even during the full-time job. Overall, Truelancer is a very cool website, with lots of mix options. I am pretty sure that many of you will be freelancing, share your experiences with us through comments.

If you are already freelancing or planning to start a freelancing career right now, then this is the right time for you.


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