How To Create a Free Website And Earn Money From Adsense

free website & earn money from google adsense

how to create a free website

Free Website-

Friends, Do you have your own website, if you do not do not have, then today I will you how can you make money without buying a website?
Friends Do you know that without your own website you can earn money? Yes, friends, I will tell you today how you can create a website in free and use AdSense to put ads on your free website. Friends, the name of the website I’m going to talk about today is Friends, this is a website where you can put ads without buying a website, and you can use as much money as you can. here i will show how to create a free website & earn money from google Adsense

What is

Friends is a website where you can create your website, and by this, you can apply for Adsense’s, and make a handsome amount of money.
Friends was developed by Blogger’s Pyra Labs. After that, Google bought this website in the year 2003. Those blogs are maintained by Google.
Friends gives you a subdomain where you can make your blog and earn Handsome money.

What is a subdomain?

I don’t want to confuse you in this matter. there is a big difference between subdomain and domain. so, be careful while purchasing any domain, must check you are buying subdomain or Domain.

Sub domain= when you are purchasing any subdomain it will be like this [ www.blogger.your] like if you purchase subdomain from WordPress then, it will be like- (

Domain= guys Domain is the best option while purchasing because it gives more tools than a subdomain. a domain is like- [] like mine []

HOW Does IT work?

Friends, I told you that is purchased by Google in 2003. And this is why it is now controlled by Google. So, friends, gives you a subdomain(website) so you can write your blogs and you can put AdSense ads on your website.


Friends, if you have a account, then blogger gives you an opportunity to get 100 blogs from an account. Just like you can put 3 Ads on your Blogs, and earn money from those ads.

Weakness Of Blogger.Com

Friends, if you have read this blog carefully, then you have understood that gives you a subdomain. Whatever you do not have to take, friends, if your content quality is good then you do not need to worry, because when someone searches and sees that it is a subdomain, then he/she does not pay much attention to a subdomain.
But friends, if your have very good quality in your content if you write high-quality articles, then is the best choice for you.

How To Create Blogger.Com Account

To create your account for, you have to go to the’s official website. From there you can sign up. And create a new account. But friends should be careful to use Gmail IDs for their ads. This is very important

Create a website

Rules For Joining Adsense From

Friends, if you want to join an AdSense account with your website, then you have to follow some of these rules.

  • You must have 30 posts, then only Google Adsense will qualify you.
  • Can not steal anyone’s content. have to create your own content.
  • Can not copy and paste from others websites to your blogs.
  • The rules and regulations of the AdSense you have to follow.


“I think I gave all the information about if you think anything is missing please comment below, I will add those contents. and if you have any doubt please comment below, I will be very happy to help you and solve your doubt’s.”

Thank you!


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