How To Change Your IP Address For Browsing Safely

Do you want to hide your IP address?

how to change your ip adress

[IP-Internet portocol] Do you want to hide your IP address and you do not know how to do this, then have read this article properly You do not know what the IP address is, first of all, it is very important to know that before using it.

What I’m going to tell you is that and how it works.

IP stands for the Internet Protocol IP address is a technology that helps us stay connected from one computer to another.

There are certain rules for regularizing the exchange of information on a network! Those called Protocol! The Internet is no exception! Because it is the world’s largest network! It also has a protocol called TCP / IP! Its full name is “Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol! As the name suggests, it is a collection of rules that govern the Internet! In this, the main address is given to all the computers or websites connected to the Internet! This is the identity of the computer which is called an IP address!

It has four parts! All of which are a number from 0 to 255! All the parts are interconnected with the point i.e. (.)!
For example – This is an IP address!
The computer from this address is identified by any website or website that has been stored in the computer!
The IP address of any two computers or websites can not be the same!
The advantage of such an address is that it applies to all kinds of hardware and software!
TCP / IP works like a postal department! Whenever he needs to break into some small portions of information, he observes each part as a free suggestion or letter.

Now I Will tell you how you can hide your IP address

But before that, you know why you hide the IP address. If you are sitting in one place and you want to visit a website, then you can do this by changing your IP address.

How To Change?

How To Hide Your IP Address? There are many ways to change the IP address. You can use any software or manually. What I’m telling you, you can change your IP address using the software. The Only Way To Change Your IP is using Any VPN Software.

I will tell you some software names which can help you to change your IP address. Whatever software name I’m about to tell, it will work on your computer or mobile.

List Of VPN Softwares-


You can change your IP address from the above software.

If you do not know how to check your IP address, click here

NOTE-  it is very important to know that using VPN is absolutely illegal


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