How To Get Adsense Approved soon

How To Get Adsense Approval Soon

Approving Google Adsense is not too hard if you take care of some things, then your Adsense will be Approved very soon.

Step 1- First You Have to create 3 pages

About us- In this page, you write about yourself and write about your website so that Google can better recognize your website.

Contact Us- Create contact us page on your website and use your professional email id for example-

Privacy Policy- In the privacy-policy page, you can write your site’s policy, what you use on your site, How you use the visitor’s information, which company’s ads you use, and you can write it all on this page.

We create this three page that lets google know that we are serious in our work and our site is a professional site.

Step 2- Don’t Do “Copy, Cut, paste”- Do> “Copy, Cut, Edit”

You do not have to do cut, copy, paste on your site, it will not get Adsense on your site, but your website will also be useless. So what do you do cut, copy, edit instead of copy, cut, paste”. This mean to copy the article from another blog and paste it into notepad, then edit that article in your style and publish it.

Step 3- How much content must be written

Google Adsense account approved for what we used to do first, we used to write an article of up to 300 words and apply for Adsense and Adsense application was also approved. But in today’s time, google has become much more strict and does not quickly approve your application and content is a major point for approval, so what do you write about at least 800+ word in your article, The content copy will not be too and the traffic will also increase.

Step 4- Don’t Copy Images From Anywhere

There is also a big hand of the image to approve ads on your sites. So let’s take a look at how to use the image and what things should be taken care of.

Do not forget to use “alt tags” in the image because google image does not read, it reads your image via alt tag.

Do not use that image if you have a name or company named in an image. Because the danger of image copyright remains.

You should use the image made of your own.

You should not use the “Adult / Porn” image at all because Google never accepts “porn site”.

Step 5- User-Friendly Design/ SEO Friendly Design/ Easy to Access

The design of your sites should be simple and sweet. The navigation of all pages should be properly used so that the visitor and google have no problem and do not add more to your widgets just Add useful information.

Step 6- Submit Your XML Sitemap on Google

You create your blog’s XML-sitemap and submit it to “Google, Bing, Yahoo” so that all the pages of your site and post are easily indexed and AdSense can better understand your site.

*When you apply Adsense, do not use ads on any other blog on your blog. Well, we can use both Infolinks, Chitika’s ads and google ads together, but when you do apply, you can start by removing all the ads.

Step 7- How many posts should be, how old is the website, and how much traffic?

Post, Traffic and how old the website is, it is not a major point to get Adsense. Why read this in detail: –

  • Old Sites–     According to the Adsense policy, their policy states that your website should be at least 6 months old (if you agree with me and India’s big blogger) then all of them will have their AdSense account  Have been approved in 5 Days “and it is true that you do not need to sit for 6 months. You can apply when your site is completely cleared.
  • Posts-           How many posts will you apply? 50, 100 or 150? If you want to say 50 you do not write 100 but 10 post is just that! Yes, my friends can get you Adsense in 10 posts but the condition is that you have to write your content quality, useful information and 1000 words.
  • Traffic-       Traffic is an important thing for AdSense, if AdSense is on your site and there is no traffic, AdSense is also of no avail. Your site should have organic traffic that comes from google, bing, yahoo and also the search engine, and at least on your site should be up to 250 daily traffic and Alexa rank should be below 10,00,000.


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