How To Change Your IMEI Number

Change Your IMEI Number Without Root

How to chnge imei numer

Through the post, we will tell you how to change the IMEI number of your Android Mobile and what is the Advantage & Disadvantage of changing the IMEI Number. Before this, we had told you about “what is the IMEI number and how to know your mobile’s IMEI number”. You can change IMEI No Change of any Android Mobile This is an Easy and Safe Trick, so you can do IMEI No Change. And there is no need to root your mobile for this. This trick will work even if your mobile is root.

How To Change IMEI Number-

  • Download Mobile Uncle App in your mobile first.
  • Then open the app.
  • Now select Engineer Mode >> Engineer Mode (MTK) option
  • Now click on CDS Information.
  • Now select Radio Information. And then select Phone 2.
  • After clicking on the phone 2, the AT + option will appear.
  • Now you have to put 15 digits new IMEI no further than AT +. [Such as AT 123456789012345]
  • Now last, you have to save settings by clicking on SEND AT COMMAND.
  • Restart your mobile now.
  • Dial * # 06 # to check IMEI No.

In this way, you can change the IMEI No of your mobile.

Advantages Of Changing IMEI Number

You can make Unlimited Money earning by IMEI No Change, there are many apps on the Play Store which gives Free Recharge when you download an app. And these apps also give money when your Friends download App from your refer code. But some people again download their app from their refer to code in their own mobile that does not give money by App IMEI No Track. This is a very big problem. But you can get rid of this problem by changing your mobile’s IMEI no.
At some point in your mobile, there is a SIM error because mobile IMEI no damage occurs. You can delete this error through this trick.

Disadvantages Of Changing IMEI Number-

If you do not carefully change IMEI No Change your mobile may be poor. Therefore, carefully consider the steps mentioned above.
IMEI No Change is illegal in many countries.

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