What Is The Difference Between Blog And Website?

Difference Between Blog And Website

What is The Blog and website


Today we will tell you what is the difference between blogs and websites. Many bloggers are confused about what is the difference between blogs and websites. Some understand both of them the same. When I first heard the name of the blog, I did not know what it is. The website was heard but we can make it our own. It was later discovered when I did the whole research. Today, if we remove your confusion, then let’s go to the blog and website about what is the blog vs website.


Whenever we use Programming Language on the internet it creates a website. Programming languages like java,  .net, javascript, python, curl. You can show any content on the web page of the website as your own wish. like on Blog you can only show newly uploaded contents.  It means on the website homepage you can show other pages also.

But Website comes little expensive because in this you have to start from the Base. You can create your own website using some tools like, Adobe Dreamweaver is a good tool.

Features Of Website

  • You can choose Your Own template for your website
  • You can say a blog is a part of Website
  • There is a page called frequently asked a question on the website.
  • When you create a blog people believe on your work.
  • One Contact us page is availabe for visitors.
  • There is a terms and condition page for customers to know about website copyright policies.
  • feedback page available for visitors.


The blog is a weblog. The blog is the most recent content show. Meaning the last time the content is added to your site, it is your first look. In the blog, we can not show other pages like the website.

Features of Blog

  • you can start your own blog by using Blogspot.
  • in a blog, no need to design who system google gives the template.
  • Blog Focus on your new contents. More articles you publish more visitors will come to view. it doesn’t mean you will copy someone’s article and paste.
  • A blog is a type of articles. the only difference is we put articles time to time.
  • Your Blog should be regular updated. Then only people will come to know about your Blog.
  • There is a comment section on Blog which helps to ask a question on the related topic.
  • a blog is archived by blog category, date, author, tags, and subcategories.

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