Google Adsense Payment System India

Adsense Payment System In India

payment system of gogle adsens in india

Google AdSense is the most popular monetization technique used by bloggers, yet it remains confusing for new users. Its dashboard is easy-to-use and many help pages are also available to understand it, even though there are always questions raised in the mind about signing up, account approving, account ban, optimization, and other things.

It is true that AdSense is a Plug-and-Play advertising network, but it is important that you know more about it as it is necessary to take advantage of its prospects properly. By which you can earn more, that too without any investment.

AdSense pays different rates in different countries. They also pay by EFT Transfer, Check and Western Union Quick Cash. In countries like India, especially like countries like US, U.K., and Australia, approving an AdSense account is not easy. This is due to the issue of spam and fake AdSense account in India.

Adsense offers payment by EFT. They convert your earnings to INR and then pay. Generally speaking, AdSense’s USD to INR conversion rate is high, so this will not be an issue for you.

The AdSense team is increasing the payment option in many countries and they have already added an EFT Payment option to Indian publishers.

If you are a new AdSense user then here are some things you should keep in mind-

  • When you sign up, check all the details are accurate.
  • Put your name right there in your bank account. Your name should be same on your AdSense
  • Check and the same name in your account.
  • AdSense will send a PIN to the address you provided when signing up. This will work as an address verification in a way before payment.
  • With AdSense EFT payment, you can also get a payment from other payee’s name.
  • AdSense will soon launch telephone support for AdSense publishers. This system is already
  • running beta testing while writing this post. (June 2014)
  • You can also look at the official guide to read more about AdSense payment policies.
  • You can update the payment preference by the 20th of the month.
  • You can also set a minimum payment threshold for the payment and it should be more than $ 100.

You can also read a portion of the information on the official AdSense India Payment page below.

In India, the Advanced Publishers Local Courier Service will receive standard check delivery through Blue Dart, which will not be charged separately. Checks sent by Blue Dart should arrive within 10-30 days of check date. Blue Dart is not able to deliver whole India service. So if you live in a location where they do not give the service, then your check will be sent by registered post and should arrive within 2-3 weeks of the mailing date.

If you have not been able to get a full receipt even after the issue, then you can fill the form and submit a request to re-issue it.

I hope this post will have answered all questions related to AdSense India Payments. But even if you have any questions then the comment is free to ask. If you like the post then please share with others.

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