The Wrestling Observer Newsletter guarantees that Women’s Superstar Paige isn’t calculating into any arrangements going ahead after her neck recuperates regardless of being cleared to contend.On the off chance that you didn’t have a clue…

The decrease in the connection amongst Paige and the WWE began in 2016 when she was on a recognizable decay from her position as a top star in the Women’s Division, taking after the development of the Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch.Another significant issue with Paige and the WWE emerged when WWE authorities didn’t care for the connection amongst Paige and Alberto Del Rio and drafted them to separate shows. Del Rio inevitably left the WWE and marked with Impact Wrestling while Paige was expelled from TV taking after her neck damage.

As indicated by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Paige won’t be figured into any arrangements going ahead as a result of all that is occurred over this previous year. The motion picture may stay with her with the a while longer, however the way that nobody knows whether Paige needs to return to the WWE doesn’t appear to help her case.

This circumstance with Paige and the WWE is a significant problem. On one hand, Paige might need to take after Del Rio to another organization so they could get to know one another and then again, Paige may have a few things despite everything she needs to do in the WWE.Ultimately, nobody can answer these inquiries aside from Paige and there won’t be any method for knowing until she stands up; either in a WWE ring or a shoot meet.

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